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Here you can enter all filters. If you click on the "Advanced filters button , you will see the additional filters. filters you want to generate the result of Click on the magnifying glass to see the result."

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Depending on your chosen package, you can queue the selected filters by clicking this button: .
A job is executed from the queue every 10 minutes. The file is generated according to your chosen extension. You will receive a download link which will be removed after 24 hours. You must be logged in for this and therefore have already purchased a package. See example below."

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Here you can see all the details of the tasks you queued after your search. Click DETAILS for more information about all filters used. See example below."

Increase your address limit.

If certain tasks need to generate more addresses than your limit, you can purchase additional addresses immediately. This is done by clicking the "Upgrade Number of Rows" button. This is different from an UPGRADE to a new package . The prices for a limit-increase depends on the type of package you have. Think of filters that cannot be used with the BRONZE package and the prices per row. See HERE for all packages with all prices included. "